PVC Clamp Binder

Item No. Size Desc. Packing/vol.(m3)
FM3802D A4 1.5″ D Ring 12/48/0.136
FM5502D A4 2″ D Ring 12/48/0.167
FM7502D A4 3″ D Ring 12/48

  • Made of high quality cardboard coated with transparent PVC sheet, with changeable spine label and color paper on the top, which you can change with your own design.
  • Ideal for used as company manual and document file

Lever – Arch Files

Item No. Size Desc. Packing/vol.(m3)
FM307 FC 3″ 25/50
FM307S FC 3″ 10/20
FM308 FC 3″ 25/60

  • The cover sheet is made of high quality PP, with novel veins on, feels comfortable, coated with PP film, durable and water proof. The spine label is changeable, its reverse can also be used.
  • All cardboard are imported, level off and fast, never distort.
  • With clamps, finger loop, fixing circle and metal corner braces, which are very fast and never distort.

Paper Board Ring Binder

Item No. Size Desc. Packing/vol.(m3)
FM309 A4 2D Ring 12/48

  • High Quality Card Board with quality PP coating.
  • Ideal for filling documents.